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Bec is a physical theatre actor, she trained at Liverpool Polytechnic and Fooltime Bristol and has continued to train throughout her career.

Bec has worked with the internationally acclaimed company Kneehigh Theatre, performing as a core member for 14 years in shows like The King of Prussia by Nick Darke, The Red Shoes and Wagstaff The Wind up Boy. Bec has worked for Wild Works as a performer and co-director in the Old Man With Enormous Wings and continues to have ongoing working relationships with many other Cornwall based companies including CScape Dance If the shoe Fits and Hansel and Gretel, Goldentree Productions Gogmagog and The Man Engine and most recently Cousin Jacks performing for two seasons of The Mousehole Cat .

Bec toured very successfully with her own one woman show 'Oh Mary'  based on the amazing life story of Mary Bryant which she co directed , produced and devised. This was followed by her family show 'The Ugly Sisters' a satirical look at our modern day preoccupation's with the perfect beauty

Bec payed with Cornish Celtic Band Dalla for 18yrs recording 5 albums that include Cribber and K5.

She is currently representing Cornwall as part of Tosta Banda the minority language super group made up of 7 small countries and 7 minority languages. Bec is delighted to announce that she is performing with Didjan, a newly formed duo with talented musician , singer and song writer Richard Trethewey. 

She could recently be heard in BBC Radio 4's four part production of 'On The Rocks' by Christopher William Hill and was used as a voice coach for BBC Irelands production of Daphne du Mauriers Jamaica Inn.

2018 promises to be a busy year. Bec has been appearing as the soloist singer and a pupeteer for The Man Engine Resurrection tour with Golden Tree.

She has also been touring the Basque country with The Tosta Banda and performing Before I Wake for Scarey Little Girls at the Minack Theatre .

Her New production of Darke Women which will be touring in Sept/ Oct 2018. 

Bec is also an associate lecturer in Acting and Theatre at Falmouth University