Bec Applebee presents "Oh Mary" a one woman physical theatre show based on the incredible life story of Mary Bryant: Cornish Highway Woman, Convict, Mother and maritime Adventurer. The show is recommended for everyone aged 11 years and up and is available for bookings in Studio theatres, village and community venues and any other interesting maritime venues.


 'Oh Mary' is an epic experience and the audience is swept away by this brave journey of physical and emotional story telling INKPELLET MAGAZINE

Mary Bryant was born in Fowey Cornwall, in 1765. She was arrested and found quilty of violent highway robbery having stolen a bonnet and some money. She was sentenced to hang. This sentence was then changed and "she was sent to the other side of the world to work her fingers to the bone in his magesties colonies" (words from the script by Anna Murphy ) This true story is a tale of transportation, love, escape, tragedy and redemption that spanned the world between Cornwall and Australia.

" When I first came across Mary's story in Judith Cook's book 'To Brave Every Danger' I was deeply moved by her unbelievable life. I became haunted by her story and did alot of my own research. Even now violent crimes such as hers are taken very seriously. However, no one could have forseen the unimaginable consequences of her actions. Her life story is one of personal strength, bravery and loss. She is at the heart of one of maritim's greatest escapes. I find her tale truely awe inspiring" Bec Applebee

 "Oh Mary" is a one woman physical theatre show. It was devised and directed by Bec and Simon Harvey (Kneehigh Theatre and O Region)It has an original evocative script wrtten by Anna Murphy( Kneehigh Theatre, Radio 4) and choreography by Helen Tiplady of Cscape Dance. The show has a unique soundtrack recorded with award winning band Dalla and Radjel that includes a special comission by Neil Davey.

   photo: Steve Tanner