What the People Say about "Oh Mary"

 What the Papers say:

"Bec has managed to produce one of the most astonishing one woman performances I have ever seen....just plain bloody brilliant" ( Fi Read, The Cornishman )

"She (Bec) has alway impressed and never disappointed, but she has never done anything better than this. To say that she scores as Mary Bryant is an understatement." ( Frank Ruhrmund. The Western Morning News and The Cornishman )

What the theatre world say:

"This is pure story telling, we will go anywhere you take us. moving and surprising and funny."    ( Emma Rice, Kneehigh Theatre )

What the venues and the public say:

"Bec Applebee morphs into Mary Bryant in this extremely physical play, transporting her audience through a terrifying whirlpool of emotions. A performance of epic proportions by one of our finest actresses and one that fully deserved every minute of the standing ovation as the house lights came up." ( Sheila Vanloo, Daphne du Maurier Festival )

" The audience was gripped by the story and you could hear a pin drop at many points during the show." ( Deveron Village Hall )