Fantastic news. This Autumn I will be making a new show Darke Women. A show that celebrates the work Of the incredible Playwright Nick Darke and his fabulous female characters. 


Nick was one of Cornwall's most prestigious and internationally acclaimed playwrights. Bec worked widely with Nick and with the help of Anna Maria Murphy's ( Kneehigh ) magical wordsmithing alongside Mary Woodvine ( Poldark, Trevithick) Sharon Andrews (Scarey Little Girls) and her own extraordinary performance skills, she will bring some of Nick's most memorable characters together on stage for the first time. This will be a robust encounter of strong willed, strong minded women crossing the centuries. From dynamite makers and Smugglers to wet-suit and Brandy experts. Who knows how they will get on or what they will they get up to. A family friendly show recommended for those 7yrs and up. This will be a professional evening of physical performance, entertainment, song and humour. A sensitive and true celebration of Nick Darke's work.

It'll be a RIOT.


Archive photo of Bec Applebee playing Gonetta in Kneehigh Theatres production of The RIOT 2000