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Posters Arrived

So my blog page has been very quiet for many reasons. Mainly because I had to undertake an operation that has made me sleep a great deal and also I have been unable to leave the house. HOWEVER it has given me the perfect opportunity to read, so read I have; 8 plays so far. : The Riot, The King of Prussia, The Body, Ting Tang Mine, The Dead Monkey, The Oven Glove Murders, The Bogus and Bawcock's Eve.... plus many many more extracts and Nick Darke Delights. 

Before this time of recuperation however I was able to make many visits to the Nick Darke Archive at Penryn Campus ( Falmouth University) and had loads of help from Sarah Jane and the team. I even met the wonderful Jane Darke and we spent time reminiscing and giggling at old photo's, as well as reading Nick's notes on Kneehigh rehearsal play run through's which were sometimes quite harsh... 

My biggest challenge is going to be creating a framework that works theatrically for the show. Nick's plots are so fantastically woven together that to take scenes out of context and read them in isolation could be a challenge. I have to hold my nerve.

However Today the posters arrived. Designed by the amazing Dave Mynne and photographed by the brilliant Steve Tanner. I am very excited. 

We have a great tour organised by Carn to Cove. Thank you


Getting Started

So I have never blogged before, It's great to try new things. I am delighted and am super lucky to have been offered and Arts Council Grant for my new project Darke Women. There are an amazing amount of deserving high quality projects out there all trying to get funded. This was our second attempt. The success is due greatly to the hard work of Kirsty Cotton at  HFC. Thank you Kirsty. So before we even start this project we have started work already, writing descriptions , sorting budgets trying to explain artistic ideas that are still forming in your head. Hours and hours of brain time. I love creating theatre but am not so keen on all the unseen admin that is required to make it happen. So why have I started my blog today? Partly because it is part of my bid but also because I am trying to sort a few things out. Tour dates, possible photo shoots, Website, emails. Also as a kind of 

tester to see what happens. This is the year 2000 and I am playing Gonetta in Kneehigh theatre's production of Nick Darke's The Riot. It doesn't seem that long ago but it also seems like a different lifetime. I am looking forward to meeting her again. Bec x

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